Matt Delventhal

I am a PhD candidate at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. I am currently on the job market and will be available for interviews at the 2017 Simposio in Barcelona and the 2018 ASSA meetings in Philadelphia. I expect to finish my PhD in July 2018. My advisor is Nezih Guner.


In my work I try to understand how changes in barriers to the movement of goods, ideas and people affect the evolution of productivity differences between regions and countries. My main areas of research are MacroeconomicsEconomic Geography and Trade.

You can read more about my research here.

Here is a link to my Job Market Paper.


Prof. Nezih Guner
+34 914 29 4017
Prof. Jesús Fernández-Villaverde
University of Pennsylvania
+1 215 898 1504
Prof. Timothy Kehoe
University of Minnesota
+1 612 625 1589


Phone:E-mail:Mailing Address:
+34 662 00 3598delventhal.m@gmail.comUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Edifici B, Facultat d'Economia, IDEA
08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona (Spain)